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Rain, Postcards, and Midterms

Over the past week, Shanghai has transformed from a warm, humid, sunny paradise to a rainy, cold, grey icebox. Okay,… Continue reading »

Chinese, Anyone?

With all the posts about updating my blog, baking, and traveling across China, you’d think I never study. Well, in… Continue reading »

Wǒ zài Fùdàn dàxué xuéxí Hànyǔ

Week 3 at Fudan is (almost) over. So, as promised, a post about my studies at the university so far…. Continue reading »

Nǐ Hǎo Ruì nà!

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that having a Chinese name is mandatory at my university. I mean, foreigners… Continue reading »

First Adventures

Firstly: I had intended on posting a blog a day. Seems like that plan fell through within 4 days of… Continue reading »