May/June Update

The weather in Shanghai recently has made me believe that yes, the world is finally coming to an end. Friends likened last night to the apocalypse. The sky was black, water was literally flying through the air. Stepping outside was like jumping into a pool. Two of my umbrellas broke as I tried to brave the weather. Luckily, flatmate O. left me this bad-boy when she went back to New York:

Bright yellow and reaches to the knees. Perfect when rain doesn’t just pour down from the sky, but actually seems to be coming from the side. As if there’s a cloud permanently following you around. You get the point. But yes, please excuse my facial expression. I can’t take myself seriously when taking a ‘selfie’. These type of raincoats are actually extremely popular in Shanghai, a city where everyone still seems to be biking and riding their scooters around when the sky is falling down. The ‘jacket’ also covers the front and back of your bike/scooter, which means your hands and treasured vehicle remains dry. Clever.

But so. The rain has taken away my will to go anywhere. Yes yes, I still go to class. But it’s perfect stay-in-drink-hot-chocolate-blast-music-and-blog weather. The fact that it’s still warm outside just seems to make me drowsy. My apologies if this post is a bit random and my sentence structures even stranger than usual.

What have I been doing these past few weeks? Looking back at my photos, a lot of time seems to have been dedicated to food. In particular these beautiful and oh-so-delicious burgers from Blue Frog, a bar/grill at the bottom of Shanghai’s Financial Tower. Monday’s are buy-one-get-one-free. And when a burger looks this good, who can resist to go twice in one month?

Now I haven’t just been eating unhealthily. While buying vegetables at our local market, I found a little cart outside that sells beautiful kiwis and even lemons. Oh, and I’ve discovered that certain watermelons are yellow inside. Needless to say, it was a bit of a shock when I cut it in half.

As for the most exciting thing I did last month. I saw David Guetta. At the Great Wall. It was pretty wicked. I couldn’t believe I was actually in Beijing, at this gorgeous and impressive site, dancing to one of the world’s most famous DJs. I’ll post a blog with more pictures soon, but as you can tell, classmate J. is way cooler than me with her handstand. Yes, I tried. I failed miserably. Hit my head. So I settled for a classic Chinese pose instead.


Now I’ll finish off with this beautiful view of Pudong, Shanghai’s east side at night. The Pearl Tower stays impressive no matter how many times you’ve seen it.

More to follow on Guetta, food, and hopefully I’ll finally finish my posts about my trip through Yunnan with flatmate O.!

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