Yuanyang was the last stop on our trip from Yunnan. We spent a day in Xinjie, Yuanyang’s ‘capital’ (a tiny little town really) before heading out to Duoyishu, famous for its beautiful views at sunrise. The difference in climate between Xishuangbanna and Yuanyang was incredible. While Jinhong was hot, sticky, and humid, Xinjie’s air was fresh and crisp. A thick fog covered the town in the mornings and evenings. It made the town look mystical. Yuangyang’s various ethnic minorities and their colorful clothing added to the fairytale/edge-of-the-world/untouched by commercialization feeling. We spent a day roaming the streets and local markets before heading down to the rice fields for Yuanyang’s picture-perfect sunrises and sunsets.


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