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Yuanyang: Duoyishu, Laohuzui, and Bada

I could probably fill a book with the amount of pictures I took of the sunrise and two sunsets we… Continue reading »


Yuanyang was the last stop on our trip from Yunnan. We spent a day in Xinjie, Yuanyang’s ‘capital’ (a tiny… Continue reading »


So I’ve put off blogging about the rest of our travels through Yunnan. I started with our sleeper train experience…. Continue reading »

Great Wall Festival 2013

I visited Beijing several times when I was living in Shanghai with my parents as a child. I just remember… Continue reading »


“As everyone who has visited Dali – and many Chinese cab drivers who haven’t – can tell you, the place… Continue reading »

Sleeper Train

3 weeks ago, my flatmate O. and I went on a trip through Yunnan. In line with the “we’re students… Continue reading »


I know, I know, I’m terrible. I know you must be thinking “what’s the point of even following this blog… Continue reading »


I’m in Europe. More specifically, at the time of writing, I’m on a train from Brussels to Vienna, which has… Continue reading »


19 December. Continuing on the give-Max-the-best-impression-of-China-in-7-days train of thought, I’d planned a little trip to a water town called Wuzhen,… Continue reading »


16 December. Max was in China for a week, and I was determined to show him as many places as… Continue reading »