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So, What’s Next?

I’m moving out of my apartment tomorrow. My bags are packed, my room is empty. I’m currently sat in bed,… Continue reading »

May/June Update

The weather in Shanghai recently has made me believe that yes, the world is finally coming to an end. Friends… Continue reading »


I love Christmas. Yes, I realize that’s not a bold statement to make, as I actually haven’t met a single… Continue reading »

My New Love

16:30, 11 December. I made the best purchase of my time in Shanghai so far. I hear you ask: “What… Continue reading »

A Letter to Max

My parents came to visit for a week. I wasn’t worried. Afterall, we’d lived here before. And after living in… Continue reading »

100 Days of China

It’s official: I have now lived and studied in Shanghai for 100 days. It’s amazing how fast the time has… Continue reading »

Shanghai Through the Eyes of my Mother

Before I’d even moved to Shanghai, my parents promised they’d come visit me. They were curious, they said, as to… Continue reading »

Panoramic Shots

I have a bag. Well, it’s more of a suitcase than a bag. A bright pink Longchamps, in the biggest… Continue reading »

Snow White (without her 7 dwarfs)

Shanghai rush hour. My conviction that I absolutely cannot study without flashcards brought me on a ‘compulsory’ trip to the… Continue reading »

Rain, Postcards, and Midterms

Over the past week, Shanghai has transformed from a warm, humid, sunny paradise to a rainy, cold, grey icebox. Okay,… Continue reading »